Founder's Message - Stewart Materials

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When people think about walking the beach, blasting a golf shot from a bunker or driving an interstate or roadway, aggregate materials don’t come to mind. All these things are made possible, in part, because of aggregate material processing.

Nick Stewart

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


I am a fifth generation Floridian. This is home. I take pride and very special care to see Florida be its very best. Whether fellow Floridian or one of our more than 90 million visitors each year, I take my responsibility to you very seriously. Whether you are driving our interstates, playing our golf courses, visiting our beaches or enjoying some other facet of this state’s many natural and recreational activities and destinations, the materials my company supplies play an important role. They are the foundation.

Materials we supply directly enhance Florida life and the Florida lifestyle. The “we” distinction is important. Stewart Materials is not the Nick Stewart show. Hardly. Joining me is a team of our industry’s most accomplished professionals. Since founding this company, I’ve had the good fortune to surround myself with people who, in a word, are excellent. We’ve built this company using exclusively local talent, not because we have to, but because we get to. Great people are another of Florida’s natural resources.

Simultaneous to the work we do responsibly enhancing the Florida life, we are dynamically enhancing the communities in which we work, live and contribute. The members of my team, at every level in the organization, are leaders. They are as concerned as I am with making this state a better place for future generations. That mindset is a foundation for everything they do professionally and personally. They don’t work for me. They work with me, knowing the work we do together shapes the communities in which we choose to reside. Together, we endeavor every day to be leaders in employee opportunity, responsible processes and health and safety. We are zealous stewards of the environment.

I am honored with an awesome responsibility—responsibly enhancing Florida. With reverence and care I try every day to fulfill what I see as my privilege and duty.

Nick Stewart, Founder & Chief Executive Officer