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Green Practices

Once a site completes its operational lifecycle as a material source, it immediately and seamlessly transitioned to a green and “aquatic blue” space. Over time these green and blue spaces become natural habitats for fresh water fish and indigenous plant populations. Having completed its operational lifecycle, Stewart Materials’ very first site now stands as a water retention, green space expanse in Ft. Pierce, Florida. Custom materials processing is essentially a temporary land use.

Stewart Materials extracts materials in an environmentally safe, repeatable, low-impact manner, using only responsible, green mining practices. Stewart Materials continually evolves to develop new and improved methodologies. The company’s in-house geologist works closely with a team of hydrogeology and restorative ecology professionals, as well as regulatory policymakers.

Material extraction and processing are subject to a stringent regulatory structure, encompassing local, state and federal government. Local government regulations focus on land uses related to managing growth, protecting natural resources and managing public safety and health. In part, state regulation addresses effects on water quality and quantity, impacts on wetlands, safe reclamation, and post activity clean up and state protected wetland dependent wildlife species. State regulation also solicits input from agencies, including Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Department of State Division of Historical Resources.

Social & Environmental Responsibility

A fifth generation Floridian, founder Nick Stewart is a lifelong waterman and outdoorsman. We take our responsibility to be good stewards of the environment very seriously. We work closely with those organizations and individuals who lead the way, ensuring our environment is protected and championed.

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In addition to the organizations and individuals we currently support, we seek to actively engage with others who share our passion for seeing our environment responsibly protected and enhanced for the enjoyment of future generations of Floridians. If you represent such an organization, contact us. We want to know more about you and your efforts.