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Stewart Materials currently supplies an array of specialized materials for municipal, quasi-municipal and governmental, agencies and private entities throughout the state of Florida.

Stewart Materials’ process-controlled custom products meet diverse customer requirements and specifications. Nowhere is Stewart Materials’ ability and proficiency more beneficial than in the beach renourishment domain.


Beach renourishment is an expertise of Stewart Materials. The company is widely acknowledged as the thought leader and a reliable supplier of inland sourced materials for large-scale renourishment projects. Stewart Materials earned its stellar reputation by consistently supplying large volumes of custom sands for complex renourishment projects up and down Florida’s coastline.

As our beaches go, so goes Florida. Beach renourishment is a vital element in Florida’s nearly $70 billion annual tourism industry’s success. For many Florida Beaches, Stewart Materials’ inland sources are a cost efficient, environmentally and functionally superior alternative to traditional offshore sources. Functionally, the quality of sand recovered from offshore borrow sites is often inconsistent and incompatible with the sand it is intended to replace or renourish. This is in stark contrast to Stewart Materials’ inland sourced, process-controlled materials.

Stewart Materials green and responsible material processing practices yield customizable sands to meet the needs of agencies, associations, municipalities, private landowners and beachgoers for varying type and consistency sands.


Stewart Materials supplies fine and course construction aggregate materials.

  • Screenings
  • Processed FDOT silica sand
  • Washed shell
  • Florida Department of Transportation (“FDOT”)-certified base material
  • Road base for municipalities and private developers


Stewart Materials supplies process-controlled sand materials for an increasing array of custom applications including beach renourishment and erosion control, golf course construction, bunkers and greens maintenance, and other well-suited applications.

  • Florida beach renourishment
  • Dune restoration sand
  • United States Golf Association (“USGA”) golf course sand
  • Specialty golf course materials & “designer” sands
  • Percolation sand