Safety - Stewart Materials

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In addition to being subject to multiple local, state and federal safety regulations and mandates, including Mine Safety and Health Administration (“MSHA”) bi-annual safety inspections, Stewart Materials has an established safety policy. The policy hinges upon and is focused on Stewart Materials’ commitment to engage exclusively in processes, methodologies and operations that are safe for the natural environment, the communities in which it resides, works and operates, and for the women and men that make up its team.

In part, it establishes:

  • Stewart Materials uses only safe, sustainable processes and practices.
  • Stewart Materials remains proactive in developing, researching and applying these responsible processes and practices.
  • Stewart Materials provides employees a safe working environment, the tools, equipment, education, training, intervention and support to maintain safe-working conditions at all times.
  • Maintains an aggressive, proactive stance on waste reduction, energy conservation, and recycling and reclamation practices.
  • Conducts proactive scheduled and periodic reviews of safety, health and environmental practices, on site, in the field and throughout all its critical and support processes.
  • Stewart Materials identifies, corrects and applies interventions, updates and amendments to any and all safety practices, equipment and methodologies, as necessary.
  • Promotes the same responsible stewardship among its partners, suppliers, sub-contractors, carriers, haulers and customers.
  • Engages and promotes development of logical, science-based and cost-efficient safety, health and environmental legislation and regulation.