Beach Renourishment Complete – Stewart Materials Supplies Palm Beach County, Florida, Projects

April 29, 2015, Jupiter, Florida, U.S.A., Stewart Materials, Inc., (SMI) today announced it has successfully supplied custom beach sand for two projects in Palm Beach County. Widely acknowledged as the thought leader, supplying inland sourced beach sand for large beach renourishment projects; Stewart Materials supplied sand for placement on Jupiter Beach and Singer Island.

Over the course of 105 working days, sand was placed on the stretch of Jupiter Beach from just north of Jupiter Beach Resort to the southernmost tip of Carlin Park. For the Singer Island project, Stewart Materials’ sand was placed immediately south of John D. MacArthur Beach State Park, and continues for one mile south. Placement occurred over 35 working days. Palm Beach County’s Environmental Program Supervisor for the Shoreline Enhancement & Restoration Program, Michael Stahl, comments, “It is becoming more and more complicated to find suitable offshore borrow sites.” He continued, “We’ve used upland sources many times in the past for dune restoration. This is the first time we’ve used an upland source for renourishment.” In the ultimate measure of success, he concluded, “Stewart Materials’ materials met our specification. They delivered the capacity to produce the projects on time.”

Stewart Materials’ Founder Nick Stewart commented, “These large volume, complex renourishment projects are our specialty.  The successful delivery of the project required flawless execution from everyone involved.”  More and more municipalities are confidently turning to inland sources to supply large-scale renourishment projects. For many Florida beaches, Stewart Materials’ inland sources prove a cost efficient, environmentally and functionally superior alternative to traditional offshore sources. Between 2013 and 2014 Stewart Materials supplied nearly 430,000 tons of beach sand for Collier County beaches.

About Stewart Materials

Begun as a small sand and fill company in 1982, Stewart Materials has evolved to become one of the largest suppliers of inland sourced, process-controlled materials in Florida. Stewart Materials’ inland sourced materials renourish Florida beaches and golf courses, supply aggregate for roadway and other construction, and are used in projects as diverse as athletic fields, state and federal parks, wildlife habitats and the Herbert Hoover Dike.

Stewart Materials’ mission:

  • Research, develop and safely recover Florida’s natural resources.
  • Reliably supply Florida-sourced, process-controlled material products.
  • Responsibly, sustain and enhance Florida’s environment, industries and infrastructure.
  • Leave a better Florida for future generations.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Nick Stewart is a fifth generation Floridian and a zealous guardian of Florida’s natural resources. Conducted responsibly, aggregate materials processing enhances the natural environment and underpins the infrastructure of the state. The intentional environmental lifecycle combined with responsible, green aggregate processing practices allow Stewart Materials to leave a better Florida for future generations.