Stewart Materials

Collier County

In just one recent example, Stewart Materials’ 2013 Collier County Beach Renourishment project finished ahead of schedule. Stewart Materials was required to facilitate the project start to finish within the critical November 1st – March 31st window for nesting sea turtles.

The successful project set the stage for what Stewart Materials Founder Nick Stewart sees as the blueprint for successful ongoing beach renourishment projects—an initial, foundational large scale renourishment which gives way to future, smaller annual and bi-annual scheduled maintenance renourishment projects.

Stewart Materials supplied custom materials for placement on Vanderbilt, Pelican Bay, Park Shore and Lowdermilk Park beaches. “When we look at the multiplier effect we’re probably going to have $10 million in economic impact in Collier County and Southwest Florida,” said Naples Mayor John Sorey.

A year later, in 2014 Stewart Materials supplied additional sand for placement in the same areas. A maintenance renourishment almost one-third the size of the original project, it was completed in only 19 hauling days with crews working around the clock, breaking only for the Thanksgiving holiday. The intentional fast tracking and timing on Stewart Materials’ part, places much less burden on local businesses and municipal services. The compressed timeline limited the amount of time businesses and their patrons were impacted during the area’s high tourist season. Previously, Collier County relied on costly, large offshore dredging projects every six to 10 years.

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