Town of Longboat Key

Throughout the spring and summer of 2016, Stewart Materials successfully supplied 307,000 tons of custom beach sand to the Town of Longboat Key, Florida, two-months ahead of schedule. This SMI-supplied, large-scale beach renourishment project once again evidenced the viability of inland-sourced custom beach sand for Florida’s vast and growing renourishment needs. It also highlighted the benefits…

Jupiter Beach & Singer Island

In early 2015, Stewart Materials successfully supplied nearly 400,000 tons of custom beach sand for two projects in Palm Beach County, Florida. 338,495 tons of Stewart Materials beach sand was placed on Jupiter Beach. 56,183 tons were placed south of the Jupiter project, on Singer Island. Environmental stewards first, working closely with municipal officials Stewart Materials’ beach renourishment projects are always to begin and conclude outside sea turtle nesting season.

After the Storm

In cases of natural disaster and emergency, Stewart Materials immediately supplies needed materials to areas throughout Florida. The applications for emergency materials are full spectrum. Beach renourishment, however, is the application of most vital concern in the days and weeks immediately following a catastrophic weather event.

Collier County

In just one recent example, Stewart Materials’ 2013 Collier County Beach Renourishment project finished ahead of schedule. Stewart Materials was required to facilitate the project start to finish within the critical November 1st – March 31st window for nesting sea turtles.

The successful project set the stage for what Stewart Materials Founder Nick Stewart sees as the blueprint for successful ongoing beach renourishment projects—an initial, foundational large scale renourishment which gives way to future, smaller annual and bi-annual scheduled maintenance renourishment projects.