Stewart Materials Moves to Contactless Digital Payment

Eliminating Cash Sales Advances Safety, Efficiency & Speed

Stewart Materials recently completed transition to a contactless digital payment process for its material processing operations in Immokalee, Florida, and Fort Pierce, Florida. Digital card payments are powered by Point of Sale (POS) software standout Square and executed by a secure phone/email interface.

Using Square, customers can purchase custom sand and aggregate materials, in all volumes and varieties, safely and efficiently. Digital payment is just another in Stewart Materials’ long advocated sustainable processes and practices. Speed of transaction is an advantage to Stewart Materials’ customers and the customers they supply. Nick Stewart commented, “Everything we can do to assist our customers in doing their jobs better, we endeavor to do.”

Stewart Materials began as a small sand and fill company in 1982. Stewart Materials’ inland sourced materials renourish Florida beaches and golf courses, supply aggregate for roadway and other construction, and are used in diverse projects like athletic fields, state and federal parks, and wildlife habitats.